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Zee Sports Complete Kit, Top-Notch 7-Star Maverick Batsman Bundle

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Introducing the Zee Sports 7-Star Maverick Cricket Bundle!

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Experience the pinnacle of cricketing excellence with our Maverick Bundle. Designed for cricketers who demand nothing but the best, this 7-star bundle features top-notch gear that will elevate your performance on the field.


  • Start with the Player's Grade English Willow Cricket Bat, meticulously crafted to deliver unmatched power, balance, and precision. Its superior construction ensures outstanding hitting performance, allowing you to dominate the game.


  • Stay well-protected with the Maverick Arm Guard, Maverick Chest Guard, and Maverick Double Thigh Pads. These premium protective gears offer advanced impact absorption and flexibility, providing maximum confidence while facing even the fiercest bowlers.


  • The Impact 5 Batting Pads combine supreme comfort and top protection. Engineered with innovative materials, these pads offer superior shock absorption and flexibility, enabling you to focus on your batting technique with complete peace of mind.


  • The Player's Grade Batting Gloves provide a perfect fit and unrivaled comfort. With their premium leather construction and advanced design, these gloves offer top-level grip, control, and dexterity, enhancing your batting performance, and Pittard leather palm.


  • Safety is paramount, which is why we include the Test Standard Batting Helmet in this bundle. This helmet is engineered with cutting-edge technology to provide superior head protection, ensuring your safety against any on-field risks.

Jock-Strap, Sleeves, Wrists & Headband:

  • To keep you comfortable and supported, we've included the ZeeSports Jock Strap and RYC Wrists & Head Band. The ZeeSports Pad Sleeves offer additional cushioning and protection for your Pads, allowing you to play with confidence and agility.

Bat Oil:

  • Maintain your equipment's peak performance with the SS Bat Oil, specially formulated to keep your bat in optimal condition. It enhances durability and ensures consistent performance, match after match.


  • Stay fresh and dry during intense matches with the ZeeSports Towel, designed to absorb moisture effectively and keep you comfortable throughout the game.

Hammer, Bat Gripper & Grip:

  • For quick adjustments and enhancements, we've included the Bat Gripper, Bat Hammer, and Bat Grip. These precision tools allow you to customize your bat's performance and ensure a comfortable and secure grip.

Cap, Kit Bag With Full Trolli

Complete your Maverick look with the ZeeSports Cap and ZeeSports BackPack, combining style and functionality. The Maverick Kit Bag offers ample storage space for all your gear, with compartments designed to keep your equipment organized and protected.

7-Star Top-of-the-Line Leather Ball:

  • Included in this bundle is the ZeeSports Royal Cricket Ball, a top-of-the-line ball designed for professional-level play. Experience top-level durability, seam integrity, and consistent performance with this premium ball.

Refresh Kit:

  • The Adidas Refresh Kit keeps you feeling fresh and invigorated during long matches, enabling you to maintain focus and performance at the highest level.

Ball Thrower:

  • Additionally, we've included a Ball Thrower to assist you in practicing your throws and improving your fielding skills. This invaluable tool allows you to fine-tune your accuracy and distance, giving you an edge on the field.


  • Ensure your equipment stays in top shape with the Bat Scuff Sheet, Finger Tapes, and Medical Tapes. These premium accessories protect your bat, and fingers, and provide essential first aid if needed.

Unleash the power of the Maverick Cricket Bundle by ZeeSports and rise above the competition. With top-notch gear and cutting-edge accessories, this bundle is designed to elevate your cricketing prowess to new heights.

How many products are included in this Maverick bundle?

Player's Grade English Willow Cricket Bat
Impact 5 Batting Pads
Player's Grade Batting Gloves
Test Standard Batting Helmet
Maverick Arm Guard
Maverick Chest Guard
Maverick Double Thigh Pads
Zee Sports Jock Strap
RYC Wrists & Head Band
Zee Sports Pad Sleeves Comes With White Pads Option
SS Bat Oil
Zee Sports Towel
Bat Gripper
Bat Hammer
Bat Grip 
Zee Sports Cap
Zee Sports BackPack
Maverick Kit Bag
Zee Sports Royal Cricket Ball
Adidas Refresh Kit
Bat Scuff Sheet, Finger Tapes, and Medical Tapes
Ball Thrower


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Color Selection

Please keep in mind that the Maverick Batsman Bundle comes with color options for the batting gloves and batting pads.

By default, these products will be sent in white color when you order the bundle. However, if you prefer a different color, such as white or black, simply give us a call at (703) 485 4800. We will be glad to help you choose the color that matches your style and preferences. please don't hesitate to contact our customer support for more clarification.


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