BDM Aero Dynamic Cricket Bat

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BDM English Willow Aero Dynamic SHORT HANDLE CRICKET BAT

Product description

  • The bat is made from premium quality straight-grained willow
  • it's a grade 1 English Willow Cricket Bat
  • BDM Aerodynamic bat has a natural blade
  • You are looking at very thick edges and 12-piece cane handles.
  • The number of grains for the BDM Aerodynamic bat varies between 8 - 12.
  • The bat has a medium profile shaped with a section removed from the lower bulge to give an extra light pick-up.
  • Round handle comes with BDM's HDS (High Durability Support) sticker on it.
  • This bat will last long if you season it, prepare it well, it's a bat designated for top performers.
  • BDM aerodynamic comes in short handle Weights are between 2. lb 7 oz to 2 lb 10 oz

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