BDM G6 Cricket Bat

$139.66 USD $199.00 USD

BDM G6 English Willow Cricket Bat

BDM G6 Model 2021 Extra Reduced Price Extra Thick Buldge & Thick Edges Bat Series From BDM

  • Hand-crafted from UK homegrown Grade 4 English willow.
  • Power arc blade with contoured edges.
  • Maximum straight grains 6 to 10 straight grains.
  • Bats individually tested to ensure 5 Star performance, easy pic-up, extra sweal behind the sweet spot.
  • Unique Shock-Absorba Acttop Grip.
  • Perfectly balanced & light pick up.
  • Short Handle, Men's Size 12 piece Swark cane handle for outstanding feel, flex, and control.

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