DSC Condor Motion Cricket Bat

$229.21 USD

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Product description

  • The all-powerful Condor lets you be fearless on the crease. With its massive edges and exquisite balance, Condor inspires confidence from the moment you pick it up.
  • This bat is enhanced with DSC’s ENERGY PROFILE - an innovation in bat design that allows maximum transfer of energy to the ball upon impact.
  • Condor boasts ENERGY PROFILE - I, giving its power an extra punch. With an experience of more than 40 years backing it up, our Master Craftsmen treat each blade for its unique characteristics including density and weight to maximize its potential.
  • Each and every bat is handcrafted to the unwavering standards of DSC and modern manufacturing. The entire blade is engineered to give a more pronounced bow leading to improved pick-up and superb maneuverability.
  • Its extended Power Zone from mid to lower part of the blade provides a monstrous hitting area and suits the subcontinental pitches. And it’s finished with a hard-wearing toe guard to help protect the wood from damage and dampness at the bottom.
  • Once you strike, you’ll notice extra control, touch, and feel, all thanks to its treble-spring multi-piece cane handle and superior cushioned grip. Condor comes in our highest grade “knocked in” English Willow

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