GM Wicket Keeping Gloves Original LE

$149.20 USD

GM Wicket Keeping Gloves Original LE

About this item

  • Product 1: Made from high quality: aniline leather
  • Product 1: Finger tabs
  • Product 1: Lining: full leather
  • Product 1: Palm facing: octopus palm
  • Product 2: The cotton-padded palm of these gloves keep you comfortable and also offer a better grip over the ball
  • Product 2: Keeping these gloves secured around your hands throughout the match are the elasticated wristbands
  • Product 2: Facilitating a consistent flow of air is the netback of these gloves, which also ensures that sweat doesn't get accumulated within
  • Product 2: Made from high absorbent, durable cotton fabric


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