Kookaburra Surge 600 Cricket Bat

$369.20 USD

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Kookaburra Surge 600 English Willow Cricket Bat
  • Premium Grade 3 Unbleached English Willow.(NO WARRANTY ON CRICKET BAT)
  • Full Profile with Minimal Concaving (1-2mm scallop) - creates a wide sweet spot.
  • Low Sweet Spot (150-180mm from toe) - the lowest middle in the Kookaburra range and therefore ideal for front foot play and use on slow and low pitches.
  • Approx. 13-17mm of bow - helps create a light and balanced pick-up.
  • Distinctive shaping to the toe enhances pick-up and ensures that the Kookaburra Surge 600 Cricket Bat doesn't have the same "bottom-heavy" feel that a lot of other low middle cricket bats have.

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