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Spartan Cricket Bat Chris Gayle Thunder English Willow

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Designed in conjunction with Chris Gayle.

One of the cricketing world’s most enigmatic superstars, West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle joined the Spartan team prior to the 2012 IPL competition, where he dominated for the Royal Challengers Bangalore with his Spartan blade.

Tall and imposing at the crease, he loves to carve through the covers off either foot and has the ability to decimate the figures of even the thriftiest of opening bowlers. In 2007, Gayle scored the first century in international Twenty20 cricket; making him the first batsman to score a century in each of international cricket’s three forms.

Construction: Grade 2 English Willow.

Profile: Designed to compliment your game with explosive power. Crafted for the modern-day big hitter with the same specifications as Chris Gayle’s bat.

Edge: Thick edges.

Bow: Slight bow which generates perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power.

Face: Our technology and craftsmanship provide our bats with the widest of curvature faces and a slightly raised belly, providing a MAXIMUM rebound system for power, confidence, and execution. A flat wide face with slight curvature provides an even distribution across the full face of the bat; enabling precision, accuracy, power, and confidence in your shot selection.

Grip: Spartan Wave

Handle: Round handle made out of 9-piece cane and rubber, which delivers the optimal combination of power, control, and flexibility.

Finish: Pre knocked in.

Toe: Slightly square, which is designed to increase the hitting surface area whilst lowering the center of gravity of the bat; promoting greater swing weight and power distribution. Rubber toe guard.

Sizes: Full-Size SH 

Player Type: The Boss. The opposition doesn’t dictate you, you dictate the opposition; utilizing your explosive power and ingenious stroke play, no situation is too difficult for you to control.

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