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"Welcome to Zee Pavilion, the Ultimate Destination for Cricket Enthusiasts! Dive into the Thrilling World of Cricket as we bring you Exclusive Insights, Remarkable Performances, and Candid Interviews with Your Favorite Cricket Players. Immerse Yourself in the Stats and Engaging Chats that Capture the Essence of Every Match.

Zee Pavilion is not just a Page; it's an Experience that Celebrates the Passion for Cricket. Get Ready to Witness the Game like Never Before as we present Riveting Playing Videos, Unraveling the Secrets behind the Players' Extraordinary Performances.

Stay Tuned for a Front-Row Seat to the Cricketing Universe, where Every Boundary, Interview, and Statistic is a Story Waiting to be Told. Players' Journeys, Their Highs, Lows, and Everything in Between—Zee Pavilion is Your Go-To Hub for All Things Cricket. Join Us in this Exciting Venture, and Let the Cricketing Saga Unfold. Coming Soon, the Thrill Begins Here!"


Mohammad Yousuf Interview