Spartan MC Legacy LE Cricket Bat

$299.26 USD $399.99 USD



Construction: Grade 1 English Willow, expertly handcrafted by our master bat makers. Profile: An imposing beautifully balanced mid-range profile with an original full-bodied traditional style spine for all over blade performance maximising explosive power Handle: Round handle, made out of nine piece cane and rubber which delivers optimal combination of power, control and flexibility. Edge:  Huge constant maximum edge profile running from toe to shoulder makes the MC Range an imposing bat. Bow: Slight bow which generates perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power. Toe: Slightly square which is designed to increase the hitting surface area, whilst lowering the bat’s centre of gravity – promoting greater swing weight and power distribution. Face: Flat wide face with slight curvature providing an even distribution across the full face of the bat enabling precision, accuracy, power and confidence in your shot selection. Weight: 2lb 8oz – 2lb 12oz Grip: Spartan Wave Multigrip in distinctive MC blue. 3D Embossed & metalic Finish: Pre Knocked In. Player Type: Elite Power Stroke Player. Designed for the powerful and dominating stroke maker whilst maintaining a light ‘pick up’.

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