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BDM Sting English Willow Cricket Bat

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Introducing the BDM Sting English Willow Cricket Bat, Where Precision Meets Power!

Step onto the cricket field with the BDM Sting and experience the perfect amalgamation of tradition, technology, and performance. Choose excellence, choose the BDM Sting!

Key Features: 

Size: Short Handle
Willow: Premium English Willow
Thickness: 39 - 42 mm
Weight: 1.5 kilograms
Level: Advanced Performance

Handle: 12 Piece Cane Handle

About the BDM Sting: The BDM Sting Cricket Bat is crafted for players who demand precision and power in every stroke. With a short handle designed for optimal control, this bat is your go-to choice for advancing your cricket game.

English Willow Magic: Experience the unparalleled quality of English willow, carefully selected to provide a perfect blend of strength and flexibility. The premium wood ensures exceptional performance, making the BDM Sting a standout choice for serious cricketers.

Optimal Thickness: With a thickness ranging from 39 to 42 mm, the BDM Sting strikes the perfect balance between power and maneuverability. Each stroke will feel controlled and impactful, giving you the edge on the cricket field.

Balanced Weight: Weighing 1.5 kilograms, the BDM Sting is crafted for those who appreciate a balanced and responsive bat. Whether you're defending your wicket or going on the offensive, this bat is your trusted companion.

Advance Your Game: Designed for advanced-level performance, the BDM Sting empowers you to take your cricket skills to new heights. Elevate your play with a bat that understands and complements your cricketing prowess.

12-Piece Cane Handle: The 12-piece cane handle adds an extra layer of comfort and control to your grip, ensuring that you feel connected to every shot you play.

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