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Gray Nicollis Shockwave 4 Star Finest Handcrafted Cricket Bat

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Gray Nicolls Shockwave 4 Star

Description: The 2021 Gray Nicolls Shockwave 4 Star Cricket Bat is back with a vengeance. This bat is made from Grade Four English willow, which has been hand-selected by the experts at Gray Nicolls. With a pronounced high-middle, full-profile and intimidating edges, the Shockwave is perfect for the game's most destructive players.

Profile: The bat has a pronounced high middle, full profile and intimidating edges. The jagged graphics around the blade's imposing swell highlight the potential force that dwells within. When you unleash this bat, the stickers themselves tell the story of the violent release of energy with a fractured pattern radiating out from the epicenter of the sweet-spot in tones of blue that cut through the design with a cold and unforgiving fury.

Handle: The handle of the Shockwave is made from the finest 12-piece cane, which provides maximum feel throughout the blade. The semi-oval handle shape ensures complete comfort and control.

Bow: The bat has a mid-blade bow that adds to its impressive performance.

Strike Zone: The Shockwave's mid-to-high blade sweet spot is ideally suited to the all-round stroke player.

Edge: The bat has imposing edges, which add to the overall performance and durability.

Grip: The Zone Pro grip on the Shockwave bat improves feel and touch through the shot.

Weight; The weight of the 2021 Gray Nicolls Shockwave 4 Star Cricket Bat ranges from 2.7 to 2.11, making it a great option for players of different abilities and strengths.

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