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Gray Nicolls SuperNova 900 Batting Pads

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Gray-Nicolls SuperNova 900 Batting Pads:

The Gray-Nicolls Supernova 900 RH Batting Pad is engineered for first-class level cricket, delivering exceptional performance and unparalleled comfort. The Supernova range, known for its distinctive style, integrates high-performance materials to meet the demands of serious cricketers.

High-Density Impact Foam: Provides superior shock absorption, ensuring maximum protection against high-speed impacts.

Ultra-Light Cane Rods: Combine lightweight construction with robust protection, allowing for swift and agile movements.

Strategically Positioned Gel Inserts: Enhance comfort and add extra protection in key areas, making these pads a top choice for dedicated players.

Right-Handed Design: Tailored specifically for right-handed batters, these pads feature "RH" protection, offering additional coverage to the most exposed areas when in a right-handed stance at the crease.

Experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection with the Gray-Nicolls Supernova 900 Batting Pads. Whether you're facing pace or spin, these pads are designed to provide the confidence and security needed to excel at the crease.

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