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SF Platinum English Cricket Bat

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SF Platinum English Willow Cricket Bat

Experience Unmatched Performance the SF Platinum English Willow Cricket Bat is designed for serious cricketers who demand top-notch performance. Crafted from Grade A Plus English Willow, it offers exceptional quality and power on the pitch.

Grade A Plus Willow

Exceptional Quality for Serious Players the Grade A Plus Willow used in this cricket bat is a testament to its quality. It's carefully selected for its grains, ensuring a superior and consistent performance that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding players.

Age Group 15+ Yrs

Designed for the Pros this bat is tailored for players aged 15 and above, making it an ideal choice for seasoned cricketers and those aspiring to play at a professional level. Its advanced design and construction cater to the needs of serious athletes.

Blade Made of English Willow

Unleash Your Batting Prowess The blade, expertly crafted from English Willow, is the heart of this cricket bat. It's designed to help you maximize your batting performance, providing the perfect balance of power and control for your shots.

Advanced Playing Level

Dominate the Field with Confidence SF Platinum is known for producing cricket bats that deliver exceptional results on the field. This bat is no exception, giving you the confidence to dominate your opponents and play at your best.

Sport Type: Cricket

Tailored for Cricket Enthusiasts this cricket bat is specifically designed for the sport of cricket. Whether you're a seasoned player or a passionate enthusiast, it's built to enhance your cricketing experience and help you achieve your best performance.

With Cover

Protection On and Off the Field For added convenience and protection, this cricket bat comes with a cover. It ensures that your valuable equipment remains in excellent condition both on and off the cricket pitch.

Weight Range 2lb and 9 Ounces

Optimal Balance and Control With a weight range of 2lb and 9 ounces, this cricket bat strikes the perfect balance between power and control. It's a versatile choice that allows you to adapt your gameplay according to your preferences.


  • SF Platinum English Willow Cricket Bat.
  • Grade A Plus Willow.
  • Age Group 15+ Yrs.
  • Blade Made of English Willow.
  • Advanced Playing Level.
  • Sport Type: Cricket.
  • With Cover.
  • Weight Range 2lb and 9 Ounces.

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