Spartan Steel Bullet Special Edition Cricket Bat

$449.19 USD $549.99 USD
Spartan Steel Bullet Special Edition English Willow Cricket Bat

  Designed for a powerful and dominating stroke maker.  * English Willow Grade 1.  * Beautifully balanced Mid Range Profile. Full Body traditional spine.  * Round 9 Pieces Cane and Cork handle for control and power.  * Slight Bow for perfect balance and pick up.  * Constant Maximum Edge Profile from Shoulder to Toe.  * Flat Wide Face with a slight curvature.  * Edge Thickness 39-40 mm.  * 7-11 Straight Grains.  * Bat Weight around 2lb 8 Ounces-2lb 12Ounces  * Comes with a Padded Bat Cover.  * Spartan Authenticity hologram.

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