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Zee Sports Flexible Rubber Stumps With Heavy Base

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Zee Sports Flexible Rubber Stumps With Heavy Base

Looking for reliable cricket stumps that can withstand heavy use? Look no further than our High-Quality Portable Cricket Stumps. Whether you're a cricket club, school, or just enjoying the game at home, these stumps are designed to meet your needs.

Versatile and Durable:

Manufactured using hard-wearing plastic, these stumps are 100% shatterproof, ensuring they can handle powerful deliveries without breaking. The set includes three fully removable poles and a set of cricket bails, providing everything you need for a complete cricket experience.

Exceptional Stability:

Featuring an ultra-heavy-duty rubber base weighing 6lbs, these stumps offer exceptional stability during play. No need to worry about them toppling over, even in windy conditions. Whether you're practicing in the nets or playing on an artificial wicket, these stumps will stay put.

Indoor and Outdoor Use:

Suitable for use on any flat playing surface, these stumps are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. From net sessions to fielding drills, they'll withstand whatever you throw at them, ensuring hours of cricketing fun.

Premium Quality, World-Class Durability:

Our cricket stumps and bails are built to last, providing premium quality with world-class durability. Designed to cope with powerfully-delivered cricket balls time and time again, they'll remain firmly in place, ready for the next delivery.


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