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Zee Sports Hard Tennis Cricket Batting Gloves White

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Introducing the Zee Sports Hard Tennis Cricket Batting Gloves:

Unveiling the pinnacle of comfort, protection, and style tailored for elite cricketers. Fashioned from top-tier Pittard leather, these gloves epitomize unparalleled comfort and premium-grade protection, ensuring peak performance on the field. Engineered with water-resistant properties and advanced perspiration resistance, they uphold glove integrity while maximizing breathability for optimal gameplay.

Key Features:

Premium Pittard Leather: Immerse yourself in superior quality and comfort with our meticulously crafted Pittard leather construction.

Innovative Multi-Chamber Split-Fingered Design: Designed with the modern cricketer in mind, our gloves boast a split-finger design for unparalleled flexibility and performance.

Unrivaled Durability and Ventilation: Experience unrestricted movement with exceptional durability and breathability, enabling you to maintain focus and intensity throughout the game.

Advanced Airflow Technology: Our gloves feature a high-density side piece that facilitates airflow and offers impeccable perspiration control, ensuring your hands remain cool and dry even in the most demanding match scenarios.

Distinctive Design: Make a statement on the field with our eye-catching design, meticulously crafted to complement the unique aesthetic of the Zee Sports Hard Tennis Batting Gloves equipment range.

Elevate your cricketing prowess with the Zee Sports Hard Tennis Cricket Batting Gloves, where style seamlessly intertwines with performance to propel you to victory.


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