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Zee Sports Sonic Youth Cricket Batting Pads 2XS for 3 and 4-year-olds

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Introducing the Zee Sports SONIC Youth Cricket Batting Pads 2XS for 3 and 4-year-olds.

Designed to provide unbeatable protection, comfort, and performance for small boys on the cricket field. Here's why they're the ultimate choice for young cricketers.

1st Class Protection: Experience superior protection with these batting pads. Featuring pre-molded high-density foam internal shin guards and leather top hat, they offer first-class defense against high-speed impacts, ensuring the safety of young batsmen during intense game situations.

Flex-Fit Knee Protection: Enjoy added comfort and flexibility with the flex-fit knee protection feature. It allows for unrestricted movement while providing essential support and cushioning to the knees, allowing young players to focus on their game without discomfort.

Leather Top Hat and Instep: Crafted with a leather top hat and instep, these pads offer unmatched durability and comfort. They withstand rigorous use on the field while ensuring a snug and secure fit for young players.

Pre-molded High-Density Foam: The premolded high-density foam not only enhances protection but also maximizes comfort. It absorbs impact effectively, allowing young batsmen to focus on their performance without worrying about the intensity of the game.

Contoured Internal Shin Guard and Padded Straps: The contoured internal shin guard and padded straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit, minimizing movement during play. This feature provides additional stability and protection, enhancing the overall safety of young players.

Designed specifically for small boys, the Zee Sports SONIC Youth Cricket Batting Pads offer the perfect combination of protection, comfort, and durability. Elevate your young cricketer's game with these premium-quality batting pads.


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