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ZeeSports Wicket Keeper Bundle Stallion

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Introducing the ZeeSports Stallion Wicket Keeper Bundle!

Designed to cater to the needs of wicket-keepers, the Stallion Bundle is a premium 5-star collection that offers exceptional gear to enhance your performance behind the stumps.

Keeping Pads:

  • The Stallion Wicket-Keeping Pads provide superior protection and flexibility. With their high-quality construction and advanced design, these pads ensure optimal safety while allowing for quick movements and agile reflexes.

Keeping Gloves:

  • Complementing the pads, the Stallion Leather Wicket-Keeping Gloves offer a comfortable fit and reliable grip. Crafted from high-quality leather, these gloves provide excellent control when catching and stumping, enabling you to execute precise movements with confidence.

Keeping Inners:

  • For added comfort and support, the bundle includes Stallion Keeping Inners. These inners provide cushioning and moisture management, keeping you comfortable and focused throughout the game.

Equip yourself with the ZeeSports Stallion Wicket Keeper Bundle and elevate your wicket-keeping skills to new heights. With its 5-star quality and dependable performance, this bundle will help you excel behind the stumps.

Note: This bundle includes specifically designed gear for wicket-keepers.


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