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Elevate Your Game with the Classic Pro Performance Cricket Bat

At Gray-Nicolls, we understand cricket and, more importantly, cricketers. We recognize the paramount importance of trust in the game, and with our Pro Performance bat in the Classic collection, we've crafted a cricket bat that instills unwavering trust, allowing players to consistently perform at their best. When you wield the Pro Performance bat, you can focus solely on honing your skills – the bat will take care of the rest.

Timeless Design, Exceptional Performance: The Pro Performance bat embodies everything you expect from Gray-Nicolls: timeless design, exquisite details, and exceptional performance. Its front proudly displays the traditional checker sticker design, complemented by the iconic red flash of the Gray-Nicolls sticker. We've modernized and streamlined the Pro Performance sticker, enhancing the bat's stripped-back elegance.

A mid-blade profile ensures that this bat caters to all styles of batters, whether you're a front-foot or back-foot player. It offers a sustained sweet spot across the blade, delivering exceptional value for shots all around the ground. With its balanced pick-up and slightly off-set profile, it accommodates cricketers of all levels and abilities.

Crafted to Perfection: The Pro Performance bat is meticulously hand-crafted from the finest English Willow, boasting multiple tightly packed grains. Our master bat makers pour their expertise into each creation, ensuring every bat meets the highest quality standards in Robertsbridge before dispatch. It's not just a cricket bat; it's the iconic Gray-Nicolls cricket bat.

For those who trust a brand to deliver the best cricket bats, the Classic collection by Gray-Nicolls exceeds expectations in both performance and aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Classic Gray-Nicolls design with silver and white checked stickers and a modern, streamlined central sticker.
  • Mid-blade swell for players of all styles, promising a sustained sweet spot across the blade.
  • Balanced pick-up and slightly off-set profile cater to all cricketers.
  • Consistent look and feel across the entire Classic collection.
  • Traditional Gray-Nicolls stickers.
  • Hand-crafted by our master bat makers.
  • Quality controlled in Robertsbridge.
  • Made with the most exceptional quality English willow.
  • Weight Range: Senior 2lb 7oz - 2lb 12oz.
  • Finish: Natural blade.
  • Semi-oval handle for comfort and complete control.

Elevate your cricketing journey with the Classic Pro Performance Cricket Bat by Gray-Nicolls. Trust the brand that knows cricket like no other, and let your performance do the talking on the pitch. Order yours today!

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