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Zee Sports Royal 7 Star Cricket Ball | Cherry Red

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Introducing the Zee Sports 7 Star 7 Layer Royal Cricket Ball, a cricket ball meticulously crafted to meet the demands of cricket enthusiasts in the United States. This exceptional cricket ball is designed to enhance your cricketing experience, whether you're playing in local leagues or on professional cricket grounds.

Core Excellence: At the heart of the Zee Sports 7 Star lies a Portuguese Cork center, known for its resilience and durability. This core provides exceptional bounce and longevity, ensuring that the ball maintains its shape and performance throughout extended play.

Seven Layers of Cork: Surrounding the cork core are not one, but seven layers of cork, meticulously layered to ensure consistent weight and balance. These cork layers are carefully selected for their quality and uniformity, contributing to the ball's stability and predictable flight.

Seven Layers of New Zealand Wool: The outermost layer of the Zee Sports 7 Star is composed of seven layers of high-quality New Zealand wool. This wool is renowned for its excellent grip, allowing bowlers to impart maximum spin and control. Additionally, the layers of wool provide superior protection against wear and tear, ensuring that the ball maintains its pristine condition even after hours of intense cricketing action.

Duke-Style Hand Stitching: The Zee Sports 7 Star is meticulously hand-stitched in the Duke style, renowned for its precision and durability. Each stitch is carefully placed to ensure the seam remains pronounced, aiding bowlers in achieving that coveted swing and seam movement.

Ideal for Longer Formats: Designed for matches lasting 40-plus overs, this cricket ball is tailored to deliver consistent performance over an extended period. Whether you're playing a full-day match or a multi-day contest, the Zee Sports 7 Star will retain its shape and characteristics, ensuring a fair and exciting game.

Tailored for the United States: Zee Sports understands the unique requirements of cricket in the United States, where conditions and grounds may differ from traditional cricket-playing nations. That's why the 7 Star is specially designed to adapt to American cricket pitches, offering an excellent balance between bounce and pace, making it ideal for both bowlers and batsmen.

In summary, the Zee Sports 7 Star 7 Layer Royal Cricket Ball is a testament to craftsmanship and quality. With its Portuguese Cork center, seven layers of cork, seven layers of New Zealand wool, Duke-style hand stitching, and suitability for 40-plus overs, this cricket ball is ready to elevate your cricketing experience. Whether you're a professional cricketer or an enthusiast, this ball is designed to meet and exceed your expectations on the cricket field.


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