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Zee Sports Royal 7 Star Cricket Ball | White

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Introducing the Zee Sports 7 Star 7 Layer Royal Cricket Ball, meticulously engineered to cater to the needs of cricket enthusiasts in the United States. This exceptional cricket ball is your key to enhancing your cricketing journey, whether you're participating in local leagues or gracing professional cricket grounds.

Exceptional Core: At the core of the Zee Sports 7 Star lies the resilient and enduring Portuguese Cork center. This core guarantees exceptional bounce and long-lasting performance, ensuring that the ball maintains its shape and integrity even during extended play.

Seven Layers of Cork Magic: Surrounding the cork core, we have not one, but seven meticulously layered cork sections. These layers are carefully chosen for their quality and uniformity, ensuring the ball's stability and consistent flight.

Seven Layers of New Zealand Wool: The outermost layer is a testament to excellence, comprised of seven layers of high-quality New Zealand wool. Renowned for its exceptional grip, this wool empowers bowlers to achieve maximum spin and control. Moreover, it offers superior protection against wear and tear, ensuring the ball remains in pristine condition even after hours of intense action.

Duke-Style Hand Craftsmanship: The Zee Sports 7 Star undergoes precise hand-stitching in the Duke style, celebrated for its accuracy and durability. Each stitch is thoughtfully placed to maintain a pronounced seam, aiding bowlers in achieving sought-after swing and seam movement.

Tailored for Longer Formats: Tailored for matches spanning 40-plus overs, this cricket ball guarantees consistent performance over extended periods. Whether you're participating in a full-day match or a multi-day contest, the Zee Sports 7 Star maintains its form and characteristics, ensuring an equitable and thrilling game.

Crafted for the United States: Recognizing the unique demands of cricket in the United States, where conditions and grounds may differ from traditional cricketing nations, the 7 Star is purposefully designed to adapt to American and Carribean cricket pitches. It strikes a perfect balance between bounce and pace, catering to both bowlers and batsmen.

In essence, the Zee Sports 7 Star 7 Layer Royal Cricket Ball exemplifies meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering quality. With its Portuguese Cork center, seven layers of cork, seven layers of New Zealand wool, Duke-style hand stitching, and suitability for 40-plus overs, this cricket ball is poised to elevate your cricketing experience. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, this ball is primed to meet and surpass your expectations on the cricket field.


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