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Gray-Nicolls Batting Gloves, Model GN8 ODI, RH, LH

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Modern Design:

Experience unmatched comfort, flexibility, and protection with the Gray Nicolls GN8 ODI Batting Gloves. Designed for the modern cricketer, these gloves feature innovative technologies and premium materials to elevate your performance to new heights.

Premium Dotted Sheep Leather:

The Gray Nicolls GN8 ODI Batting Gloves are crafted with premium dotted sheep leather, providing excellent ventilation to keep your hands cool and comfortable during intense matches. This high-quality material ensures optimal grip and durability, allowing you to maintain control over your shots.

Innovative Interlocking Finger Design:

The gloves feature an innovative interlocking finger design using EVA foam with specially designed interlocking sections. This design offers the ultimate flexibility, allowing your fingers to move freely and comfortably while gripping the bat. Say goodbye to restrictive gloves and unleash your natural batting skills.

Tri-Zone Pro Shield Side Impact Bar:

Equipped with a three-sectioned Tri-Zone Pro Shield side impact bar, these gloves provide superior protection against side impacts. The combination of EVA, Fibre Shield, and Impact Gel disperses and absorbs impact forces, safeguarding your hands from potential injuries and ensuring your focus remains on the game.

Composite Core Technology System:

The Gray Nicolls GN8 ODI Batting Gloves incorporate a three-layer Composite Core Technology System. This system comprises a tri-layer of Diffuser foam, Ultra-Lite HDF, and Fibre Shield, delivering exceptional shock absorption and enhancing the overall protection provided by the gloves. 

Enhanced Grip and Control:

With full-grain calf leather on the palms, embossed for enhanced grip control, these gloves ensure you have a secure hold on the bat. The advanced XOSkin PU microfiber and the airflow gusset contribute to the gloves' overall comfort and moisture management, allowing you to maintain a firm grip even during sweaty and intense moments.

The Gray Nicolls GN8 ODI Batting Gloves are a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and performance. From premium materials to advanced technologies, these gloves are designed to meet the demands of modern cricket. Whether you're facing fast bowlers or playing aggressive shots, these gloves provide the comfort, flexibility, and protection you need to excel on the field. Unleash your potential and take your batting to the next level with the Gray Nicolls GN8 ODI Batting Gloves.

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