MIDS Z Ten English Willow Cricket Bat

$399.19 USD $499.99 USD
MIDS Z Ten English Willow Cricket Bat Zee Sports International High-quality Premium grade A + selected English willow bat. Professional level cricket bat Thick edges for powerful hitting. Handcrafted maximum grains Special cane handle Ready to playfully knocked

Order now to Buy MIDS Bats at zeesports.net MIDS Cricket Bats are specially designed as a long-tailed batsman for the aggressive batsman. There are differences in style, design, and finishing. It is also one of the best cricket bat designed from willow wood especially used for cricket bats. Mids Cricket Bat for is very much popular as they have the ability to put massive power due to long-tail, extra high middle, and sharp edges. It simply a perfect masterpiece for your cricket mania. You can unleash your inner batsman with more confidence with this bat.

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