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CA English Willow Cricket Bat EVIN LEWIS 17, Adult, SH

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Fresh Looks CA Cricket Bat: Unleash Your Potential

The Fresh Looks CA Cricket Bat is designed to help you unlock your true potential on the field. Inspired by the exceptional performances of athletes like Evin Lewis, this bat is crafted to deliver uncompromised performance and elevate your game.

Crafted for Performances: Inspired by Evin Lewis

Carefully planned and designed to meet the needs of players like Evin Lewis, this bat is made from sorted 7+ grains English Willow. It is tailored to maximize your time on the crease and ensure exceptional performance in every shot.

Uncompromised Performance: 7+ Grains English Willow Bat

The high-quality English Willow used in the construction of this bat, with its 7+ grains, ensures unrivaled performance and durability. It offers the perfect balance between power and control, allowing you to dominate the game.

Fine-Tuned 3D Handle Grip: Effortless Shots, Superior Control

The Fresh Looks CA Cricket Bat features a fine-tuned 3D handle grip that enhances your grip and control, enabling you to play shots effortlessly. With superior handling, you can confidently take on any challenge that comes your way.

Articulated Middle with Mid-Blade Sweet Spot: Maximum Power, Precision

The bat's articulated middle and mid-blade sweet spot provide maximum power and precision in your shots. This well-balanced design allows you to deliver powerful strokes with accuracy and control.

Well-Shaped Bat Toe: Durability and Resilience

Designed with a well-shaped bat toe, this cricket bat offers exceptional durability and resilience. It can withstand the rigors of intense gameplay, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Thoughtfully Designed Stickers and Unique Complexion: Enhanced Aesthetics

The Fresh Looks CA Cricket Bat features thoughtfully designed stickers and a unique complexion that enhances its overall aesthetics. Its striking appearance adds to your confidence on the field, making you stand out from the crowd.

Side Barcode for Authenticity: Genuine CA Product

To ensure authenticity, the bat includes a side barcode that represents the brand's commitment to providing genuine CA products. When you choose this bat, you can trust that you're getting a high-quality cricket bat from a reputable ZeeSports store.

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