Zee Sports Batting Pads Tribute Genius Classic Pads

$99.19 USD $139.99 USD
Pads Specifications:
  • Latest Zee Sports Series batting Leg Guards
  • Designed with international cricketer’s insight for professional performance
  • The Zee Sports Tribute Genius  batting leg guards are made with great care by skilled craftsman
  • Made for Professional level and TEST level Cricket
  • Modern-day design (Universal)
  • Extra-wide lead leg protection
  • Ultra-lite P.U. leg guard
  • High-density polythene bolstered
  • Additional padding for additional protection
  • Rounded high-density/low-rebound foam construction
  • 1 x 2″ and 2 x 3″ wide elastic strap bands with Velcro on each pad
  • Extra-wide build in the wing on the front leg for maximum protection
  • Cushioned straps for maximum comfort
  • Premier quality leather lining for improved durability
  • Extra-wide calf and ankle straps are fitted on the pads
  • Brand new cosmetics and embossed logos
  • Absorbs the impact to reduce impact stress and increase protection levels
  • Made for International international players
  • Essential and must-have gear for men
  • Extreme Light with Impact 5 Protection and comfortable

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