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Zee Sports Machine Bat Knocking Service For Your Own Bat

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Zee Sports Cricket Bats Knocking Service

Knocking-in is an essential step in breaking in a new cricket bat. We use the most advanced techniques and equipment to knock in your bat to ensure that it is going to perform for you at the highest level.

(NOTE: We offer discount knocking services if you buy cricket bats from our store, please see Product Addons Box when buying cricket bats from the bats collection) 

____Please see 3 Category of Knocking____


49.99 USD (8K) Eight Thousand Knocks Only.
59.99 USD (10K) Ten Thousand Knocks Only.



59.99 US  (8K) Eight Thousand Knocks With Bat Oiling.
69.99 US  (10K) Ten Thousand Knocks With Bat Oiling.



69.99 USD (8K) Eight Thousand Knocks With, Oil, Scuff Sheet & Edge Tape
79.99USD (10K) Ten Thousand Knocks With, Oil  Scuff Sheet & Edge Tape

Please See Our Drop-off Location below OR Call us Before Placing an Order

You can ship your bat, We will ship it back after Bat Service.

No Damaged bats will be serviced. Please make sure your bat is in good condition

Drop-off Location: 10756B Ambassador Drive Suite 201 Manassas, VA 20109

Contact Information: (703) 485 4800

Email: zeesportsinternational@gmail.com

This exclusive service is provided by ZeeSports specifically for your own cricket bat. Kindly be informed that you are responsible for dropping off your bat at our designated location. You have the flexibility to either send us your bat via courier or visit our physical store personally. For fast assistance, we strongly advise contacting us via phone in advance.

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